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 Bare in Mind this Project will be Released in Bits as Features get Tested and Changed!. News And Updates on What the Current Build Holds Will be Posted.

Please Also Note that you must have a Gamepad in order to play this game.

Using a GameCube Controller will offer the Best Results !

For other Gamepads, Input follows the same but face buttons left and right are reversed. 

the C stick normally on GC pad is the right stick of other gamepads

Thank you ,Rate comment and Enjoy. ^w^




Humanity has adapted Monsters Blood Cells known as XCells to power their technology,  XCells  have a Mutational ability to change DNA within Its host granting powers and abilities. Very sought after ,Companies  Hired Infused Humans who Hunt for XCells ,These Humans are Known As Devil Hunters. Using Powers Granted by the Cells Mutations they become Powerful Fighters,but at Great cost to their Mental and Physical state because the XCell mutation is so random ,Some Hunters become less human as a result, These "Rejects" Lose all hope and Become mad Killing and Hunting anything that moves , Because of these side effects Devil Hunters are Feared and Hated by Society the very same that Created them........

 Project overview:

This is a Dmc 3 inspired Hack and slash adventure with PoE Rpg Elements for high replayability.

Planned Features:

-Lan Co-Op

-Online Co-op

About Developer:

 A solo dev working on a cool project hope to get it polished and out for everyone to enjoy. using this to help Test the game hopefully get feedback on the builds and improve it as much as i can . i plan on makeing the core systems well polish before adding in any art really. 

The Final Game will be Set at a 30$ 


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